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  1. Eli Aaron says:

    Orthoprax Rabbi, Could you email me the names of kehillos that would be accepting of Orthoprax people? It would be very useful. Yasher Koach.

  2. E. Fink says:

    I wrote about you on my blog today.

    You may or may not care.

    Would it be possible for you to email me? Make a new gmail account – something like orthopraxrabbi@gmail.com to maintain your anonymity.



  3. sol says:

    hi rabbi

    i know your busy and just wondered if you would take a minute to answer my questions. I am not judging the path you have decided to take at all i just have a genuine curiosity. please don’t be offended. ( i imagine you have thick skin anyway)

    you talk about fear etc – do you feel that had your yiddishe education been steeped in the derech of Chassidus – chabad or any flavour, would you feel the same fear in your relation ship with g-d. you obviously know what chassidus says about fear of hashem. the fear you speak of in your blog sounds like cold hard mussardike fear?

    does the emptiness and soullessness of doing a job you don’t believe in scare you as a person. your obviously in touch with your feelings of fear. do you look inside yourself and ask how you can be so soulless and shallow to turn up to a job each day or each shabbos and perform it so mechanically without any feeling at all. it sort of reflects on the person you are … don’t you agree?

    do you really think that no one will catch on one day to your real feelings? isn’t the charade you are keeping up burdening you, stressing you, using up precious emotional energy? i would compare it to trying to keep an affair from your spouse or to keeping your sexuality a secret … staying in the closet is an emotional burden.?

    like i said am genuinely curious and if you could spend a few minutes answering me that would be great, feel free to email or ill keep checking the blog in the hope that you address my questions. thanks very much


  4. kohen says:


  5. ezra says:

    i agree to i mean come on if you really dont believe why be an orthodox rabbi? its a little strange if you ask me isnt there more exciting career options avail?
    its like for example i hate sitting at a desk and crunching numbers so il never become an accountant.
    but your situation is much worse you have to fool your whole congregation which i think is a little retarded if you ask me.
    dude i think its time for a career change!
    id love your opinion on this matter and why you do it if you want to you can email

  6. thisisntwhatgodmeant says:

    After 50 years as a practicing orthodox jew and countless hours of learning and days on end of ‘davening” I developed many doubts. I agree with many of your posts, ideas and thoughts, however I strongly believe in G0d. I have much trouble with what we, the “followers” have done with the religion. I cant imagine that what we practice today is what God meant. I applaud you for your forthrightness and coming out . Unfortunately, I don’t think you, nor I , can make a significant difference. THe jewish religion is doomed.

  7. Hi,

    I just started a blog on neglectful parenting in the frum community. Care for a link exchange?



  8. Me says:

    Hello, I have read through some of your posts, and as a past-insider who considers himself a present-outsider – I think you’d be the perfect person to give me a few QUICK pointers around a sheilah I’d like to put before a Charedi rabbi who is among my authorities. I just need tactic assistance, like if the sheilah is even worth presenting for example (it is a “daas yahid” – but by a “Gadol” and pertinent to issues going on right now, and the situation is a rare one itself).

    Of course this would be after the yomim tovim, I’m sure you’re busy. If you are too busy entire, perhaps you could refer me to another who may be of assistance. You have my email, thank you!

  9. Yossi Krausz says:

    Hi. I’m a writer for Ami Magazine. I’m doing a story on Orthoprax Jews and would be interested in interviewing you, with full anonymity.

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